Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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This site has informatin and bios, and also includes a schedule. Check it out!



8-15-08 Sir James and Patricia took a trip down the country to look at another trailer , we are looking at a much larger trailer to carry up to 6 War Horses. It was a very nice trailer but today we were just looking. Sir Paul is interested in this trailer also.The idea being we could travel with just 1 truck and trailer on tong trips.

8-16-08 Sir James and Hercules had a long workout, and making 6 runs in the list

8-16-08 Sir Paul traveled 2 hours to Sir Barchans in Eastern Maryland to do a demonstration for an area fair. All had had a great time . The 4H kids were there with horses to show, seemed though the War Horses were the big hits. The kids even got to ride and be photographed on real War Horse.The Lords Of Chivalry always enjoy their fans as much as the fans enjoy us.

8-17-08 Sir James and Hercules had another good training evening. ending with 6 more runs in the list.

8-17-08 Sir Paul and Sir James talked a long time on the phone ,discussing the trip, both getting really psyched up for Colorado.

Earlier this month

8-13-08 Sir James and Squire Scott meet today with the Web Designer to post more information and pic's.The site looks like we are just about running at full tilt now.
Sir Paul just returned the War Horses David and Toby to Mr Charles Dutton Farm after a 2 week of trailing.
Sir James and Patricia will be taking the War Horse Hercules to the vet's on 14-08-08 for his health certificate or traveling papers for Colorado.All is going will getting ready for the trip.

14-08-08 is training at Sir Paul's . Sir Jim Miller and Sir Jeff Saltoro often train there also.
Saturday mornings Dixie and Kara take different horse back riding lessons at an enclosed arena next door.

Colorado Tournament is growing very near. Still lots to do to get ready. We will have 2 trucks and 2 trailers carrying 3 War Horses and 5 people out and 6 back. Well take a total of 14 days , for 3 days of jousting. Now that's FUN.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Slideshow from Festival in Rogersville

These are pictures taken in Rogersville, TN at the Shakespeare and Friends Festival.

Lords of Chivalry: What We're About

We represent a group of knights that believe in the days of old when knights were bold, and chivalry was a way of life. Well maybe chivalry did exist in medieval times or maybe it did not. But for some of us that grew up reading King Arthur and his Knights, and watching Roy Rogers, Gene Autery, and Hopalong Casaty save the day every Saturday morning, we now aspire to bring those days back into the lives of all who care to believe.
We are professional heavy armour jousters that can bring to your equine event or any event a Jousting Seminar, Jousting Demonstrations, or a Full Contact Jousting Tournament. Some of our knights have competed in tournaments from the state of Maryland to California, Canada to Florida, even in Europe.
We own, train, and tide our own War Horses, 2000 lb. Percherons to Clydesdales, Belligens and Shires. We are also professional business people with many years at the same job. A few of us are semi-retired or retired. We are family oriented, too; one of our knights has a new daughter, and another is celebrating 30 years of marriage.
Our main show area right now is between the states of Tennessee and Maryland, but we can go just about anywhere. So if you would like to have us at your next event, please give us a call for a price.

((WARNING)) If you are wanting to see people with bad attitudes, hollering, and cussing people who, in general, don’t make good role models, DO NOT CALL US!

In Maryland
Paul Schneinder

In Tennessee
James Acuff